Cutting Taxes DOES NOT Create Jobs

When Bill Clinton was president the nation created over 22 million new jobs while overall personal income tax rates were much higher than they are now. Then along comes the stupidest President in US history, and yes I am talking about George "dumb as a bag of rocks" W. Bush (aka "Dumya"), who decides that the very rich create jobs when they can have more of their money instead of paying income taxes so the tax rates are cut thinking even more jobs will be created. But guess what, during his 8 years in office only 1 million jobs were created. Not to mention that the idiot sent us down the road to ruin by sending us into a war in Afganistan and another ILLEGAL war in Iraq. Both the tax cuts and the wars sent the US government surplus into the largest deficit in the history of the planet. Oh but of course you even stupider ultra righties wanna blame President Obama for it all. Although he is not blameless (passing legislation to keep the Bush era tax cuts for everyone added 700bil to the US deficit), the problems we all face were the result of careless and self-centered Republican politics. ALL the Republicans care about is $$$$, keeping more of it for themselves and their rich coporate cronies.


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