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Ketogenic Diet for Longer Life and Improved Memory

Calorie restriction, but not associated with malnutrition, has been know for many years to extend the life of lower eukaryotes and certain mammals such as mice. In mammals, the mechanism of life extension is complex but is exerted, in part, by reducing carbohydrate intake along with overall calorie restriction diets leading to a shift away from glycolysis as the primary energy producing pathway to that of fatty acid oxidation. This diet-induced metabolic shift is referred to as a ketogenic diet. I have blogged previously on the benefits of a ketogenic diet with relationship to enhanced performance during endurance workouts:


One of the important components of life extension due to a ketogenic diet is the obvious increase in the circulating ketone, beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB). Synthesis of BHB is primarily a response to fasting and the resultant increase in oxidation of fatty acids released from adipose tissue (fat stores). The physiological …

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