Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cutting Taxes and the Creation of Jobs

The standard rhetoric of the neocon Republicans and Teabaggers in Washington is that we need to cut federal income taxes and corporate taxes even further in order for the job creation machine to get rolling. Now of course in the short term, cutting taxes will benefit the politicians tremendously because we dumb ass Americans will be so happy that our taxes have declined (not to mention that we are already paying the lowest tax rates, per capita, of any industrialized country on the planet!!!) that we will vote these stupid idiots back into office.

Now I have blogged before about the lack of ANY evidence demonstrating a correlation between high taxes and job losses or conversely lowered taxes and job creation. In point of fact there is NO data. Look thru my previous posts and you will find the information pointing out this lack of evidence.

However, I am here today going to tell that cutting US federal taxes will of course result in the creation of jobs. The problem is that these jobs will be created in other countries NOT in the US. So not only will cutting taxes create further increases in the US deficit in the short term, in the long term, the increases in our federal deficit will be catastrophic.

Why is this so you ask. The consequences are actually already being felt and these effects are due to the tax cuts instituted under Bush 2 (Dumya, as I call that fucking moron) not to mention that they will only get worse with further tax cuts. Funding for public education has been cut in every state in the Union and is getting worse every year. This phenomenon is leading to a reduction in the quality and quantity of education that our children are receiving. This will lead to generations of poorly to under-educated and poorly trained citizens. So what US company will want to hire these uncapable workers? Why NONE of course so they will keep moving jobs to countries where the population is much better educated, say India, China, Brazil, Russia, hell even North Korea may be a better place to get educated than the US in the not too distant future.

Therefore, there will be more workers (or never worked) seeking unemployment benefits, welfare benefits, charitable handouts etc. that will just result in a huge increase in cost to all local, state, and federal government entities. These cost will turn this country into a collapsed welfare state which may eventually be sold to the highest bidder.

OK that last point may seem extreme, but mark my words cutting taxes further will only lead to further declines in the ranks of the well educated and well trained, eroding the competitiveness of this country resulting in more loss of job to foreign soil. Of course the stupid politicians who pass lower tax laws will be long out of office, or (hopefully) dead, before the "fruits" of their labors ripen.

One easy solution to the current situation would be to have a constitutional amendment that states that the US will not be allowed to engage in war activity unless taxes are increased to pay for it. Exemptions to an amendment such as that would of course be a direct attack on US interests. We were NEVER attacked by Iraq, yet we gleefully wasted TRILLIONS of dollars letting thousands of innocent US citizens be killed in that ILLEGAL war.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gut Bacteria and Mood: The Shit Republicans Feed Us Is Depressing

The information in this post is factual and I have included a most recent reference to some current research. However, I have used the infomation contained in this post to prove a point that, unlike the work I describe here that shows that certain gut bacteria are correlated to positive mood, the shit that is constantly fed to us by the Republican party and the ultra conservative press must contain the wrong kind of bacteria because it depresses everyone.

An ever increasing body of research points to an effect of gut microbiota on the central nervous system (CNS). The lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus rhamnosus could have a direct effect on neurotransmitter receptors in the CNS in normal, healthy individuals. GABA is the main CNS inhibitory neurotransmitter and is significantly involved in the regulation of many physiological and psychological processes. Alterations in central GABA receptor expression are implicated in the pathogenesis of anxiety and depression, which are highly comorbid with functional bowel disorders. In laboratory animals chronically fed L. rhamnosus there are observable brain region specific alterations on GABA expression. Of significance is the fact that the test mice had reduced levels of stress hormones and reduced anxiety and depression-related behaviors. This is measured by the amount of time the mice spend out in the open or walking across narrow walkways, activities that are normally associated with increased anxiety in mice. These findings highlight the important role of bacteria in the bidirectional communication of the gut–brain axis and indicates that certain
types of gut bacteria may prove to be therapeutically useful in stress related disorders such as anxiety and depression.

In other words if you eat happy shit you'll be happy, if you dine on the nasty crap that the Teapublicans feed us you will be depressed and suffer anxiety and panic attacks.

Bravoa, et al. 2011. Ingestion of Lactobacillus strain regulates emotional behavior and central GABA receptor expression in a mouse via the vagus nerve. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. ePubAugust 29

Political Spectrum: Liberal, Libertarian, Teapublican

Liberals believe that everyone has the right to choose, to not be discriminated against and to be assured of equality under the law and that government should enact laws to protect these "unalienable rights."

Libertarians believe that everyone has the right to choose, to not be discriminated against and to be assured of equality and that government should stay the hell out of the way.

Teapublicans (and the radical religious right Republicans) believe that individuals have no rights and that government should only enact laws to regulate individuals, that laws regulating businesses are unconstitutional and that the laws enacted by government should ensure that only the richest 0.1% of US citizens have continued prosperity.